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Carrera y Carrera Opens its first Thai store

Beloved of European aristocracy and a galaxy of female stars including modern icons such as Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, Carrera y Carrera is recognised as one of the world’s most prestigious brands. That it is so revered is hardly surprising given its long and storied history.

The legend began in 1885 in Madrid, where Saturio Esteban Carrera opened a small jewellery workshop. Establishing a reputation early on for creativity and artisanal skill, Saturio’s work quickly became recognised well beyond Spain.

Saturio’s son Jose and Jose’s four nephews continued the tradition throughout the early part of the 20th century, with the company earning global exposure in 1960 when it received the commission to make a tiara for Spanish aristocrat Fabiola of Mora y Aragon to wear as she wed King Baudouin I of Belgium.

The Carrera y Carrera brand was introduced in the 1970s by Saturio’s great-grandsons Juan Jose and Manuel, with the latter using his artistic vision in merging art, sculpture and jewels together to create a signature style for the luxury label.

Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength, its team of goldsmiths creating wearable works of art for fashionistas all over the world. So special are the pieces that several have been exhibited in prestigious settings including the Yamanashi Museum near Tokyo, the White House Museum in Washington, the Hadley Museum in Kentucky and the Armoury Museum in the Kremlin in Moscow.

“Creativity is the foremost element of our DNA," explains Carrera y Carrera CEO Svetlana Kupriyanova, who was in Bangkok for a special fashion afternoon tea at the St Regis Hotel where models showed off pieces from the company’s latest collection. “We are recognised as one of the most creative brands in the world. We make jewellery like a small sculpture with careful motifs, small details, contrasting textures and finishes. Another important element of our company is tradition. We have many families whose grandfathers and grandsons work with us. Some of these families have worked for Carrera y Carrera for more than 80 years."

While admitting that there is more awareness of the brand in the west than in Asia, Kupriyanova is confident that Carrera y Carrera will find an appreciative audience in Thailand.

“This is one of the most stylish countries in the region," she says. “Every Thai fashion lover would say that he/she would want to wear something that stands out. You can find anything you want here so our role is to offer something truly special and unique."

With some of the highest calibre goldsmiths in the world continuing to burnish its gilded reputation, you wouldn’t bet against the brand doing just that.

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Published 6th March 2016