Artfully ripped Zoo Jeans mauled by lions go on auction

It’s a jungle out there

The art of creatively ripping and distressing jeans to create that oh-so-chic, rugged-yet-artistic look is taking several lateral leaps in Japan. First launched in 2014, as a part of a revitalisation initiative for the Tohoku region devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Zoo Jeans are made from denim that has been distressed by lions, tigers and bears. On August 1, 2016, another ten pairs of the popular pieces, designed exclusively by lions, go up for online auction at ¥98,000 each.

How are the jeans made? Sheets of denim are wrapped around old tires and giant rubber balls, then thrown into the lions’ enclosure for them to play with. Their claws and teeth literally leave their mark on the fabric, creating unique rips and tears that walk on the wild side. The denim is then retrieved – and we assume copiously and diligently washed – before being turned into designer jeans. Ready to tap into your animal instinct in the urban jungle? The auctions will be held on Yahoo Japan, with proceeds donated to the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi, Japan and the WWF.

Zoo Jeans

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Published 2nd August 2016