The mashup of Red Valentino Fall/Winter 2016

Red Valentino

A ‘lil bit country, a ‘lit bit rock’n’roll

This season, Valentino’s little sister is taking more cues from it than ever before. Red Valentino’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection features numerous elements from the main collection while given a youthful yet rebellious edge.

Textures rule the day as the collection uses a mix of embroidery, knits, patterns and various types of lace as embellishment. Inspiration is derived from a myriad of sources, resulting in an eclectic collection steeped in contrasting concepts.

Masculine tailored outerwear in the form of oversized peacoats and embroidered bomber jackets are paired with ultra-feminine sheer lace skirts. Slouchy leather knee-high boots serve as an unexpected finishing touch. The palette remains dark and moody, reminiscent of the iconic Nanny McPhee; there are even traces of Freddy Krueger in the red and black striped jumpers.

The folk art prints that Red Valentino has perfected also decorate this collection. Exotic tribal stripes and floral motifs are seen on statement coats, shearling cardigans and chiffon dresses. In particular, a long khaki green hooded coat hemmed with floral embroidery makes for excellent festival attire. The striking looks are part prim-and-proper, part rock-and-roll, providing inspiration for a spectrum of ladies looking for an interesting yet sophisticated wardrobe.

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Published 6th August 2016