New in: Dyson Supersonic

Not Hot Air

Hairdryers are not something you would give too much thought to. Dyson, on the other hand, has gone the other route, investing in over 100 engineers, four years of research and £50 million to transform the everyday implement.

The result is the Supersonic, a device that Dyson says “rethinks the hairdryer". Dyson identified four key problems with most hairdryers, in that they’re unwieldy, inefficient, noisy and can cause heat damage to hair; problems that it addresses with the Supersonic.

To make the hairdryer more ergonomic, the Dyson Supersonic locates the motor inside the handle, allowing for better balance. The motor (which produces one tone beyond the human range of hearing) is sandwiched between acoustic dampers and a layer of cool air, making it quieter and preventing the handle from heating up too much.


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Published 28th September 2016