The Debut of Siam Tea Room, Traditional Thai Cuisine with “Grandma’s Recipes” at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park


Siam Tea Room spans the culinary divide between Thai and Western styles, offering freshly-baked pastries, authentic – Thai cuisines, and a splendid afternoon tea service.

Located on the ground floor of the hotel, the kitchen of this deli-inspired outlet is helmed by Chef Aon Anukul Pulpipat, who started his career in the culinary arts at JW Marriott Bangkok. His skill and passion for Thai food has garnered him several awards, including the Thai Food Culinary Cup in 2009.

Many might raise an eye when it comes to the prospect of a Thai restaurant in a hotel; could it be authentic, or merely another venue compromising for international diners. Chef Aon answers in resounding fashion, using his family legacy – what he affectionately titles “Grandma’s Recipes": dishes featuring a strong and authentic taste for traditional Thai cuisine and that stand to please both local and international palates. Starting the night, I had “Yum Som Choon Pla Salid Tod", where the key ingredients are mango, pomelo and crispy deep-fried fish with aromatic orange citrus. The next appetizer dish was “Grilled Pork Ribs with Chilli Sauce", the ribs were delicious and so tender, virtually melting in my mouth. I could tell Chef Aon had marinated and braised them lovingly, a fact which he confirmed me with a big friendly smile.  Moving to the main course, the evening continued with a collection of Siam Tea Room ’s signature dishes, starting with “Tom Kha Gai“ – coconut and galangal soup with chicken, “Char-Grilled River Prawn with Turmeric Coconut and Crab Curry“, which you can enjoy with either steamed rice or rice vermicelli, and the last main course dish was “Massaman Curry with Beef Cheek" , using the finest beef cheeks, instead of shank or loin, to create a delightful texture and pairing well with the sweet potato in the curry. Completingthe meal, I had “Coconut Ice Cream and Tubtim Grob“. The ice cream is made of fresh coconut and topped with coconut cream, which made the taste of this dish even more enjoyable.

For wine lovers, Siam Tea Room also has wine pairings, carefully chosen by the Head Wine Sommelier, Khun Louis Pattarapol Ponrajitt, who you will recognize from the many renowned hotels and restaurants he has worked before.

Siam Tea Room opens everyday from 7am to 11pm. For reservations, please call ‪02-0595999.

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Published 20th April 2017