SO Luxurious, SO French!

SO Sofitel perfects the French art of living in Thailand

Chic cosmopolitan travelers and residents need look no further than SO Sofitel, a collection of urban hotels and resorts that seamlessly mixes playful luxury with an audacious French twist! At SO Sofitel, every property is a celebration of music, art, stunning architecture from avant-garde fashion and design celebrities, and stylish socializing.

In Thailand, SO Sofitel perfects the French art of living with a distinctly Thai flavor.

SO Sofitel Bangkok boasts panoramic views of the green oasis of Lumpini Park and masterpieces by top Thai creatives and world-renowned fashion designers such as Christian Lacroix. Rooms are based on one of the five elements—water, earth, wood, metal, or fire—resulting in lavish bathtubs, rain showers, and floor-to-ceiling windows. In addition to the rooms, SO Sofitel Bangkok also has a chocolate boutique, a rooftop bar, and two contemporary restaurants. Park Society offers western cuisine with spectacular views while Red Oven features live cooking stations and a signature Molteni stove perfect for energetic brunches.

As a beachside vacation spot, SO Sofitel Hua Hin is more centered on breezy rooms and pool villas featuring art, life-sized sculptures, and striking geometric structures. Donatien Carratier is the mastermind behind the property’s creative interior designs. Notably, SO Sofitel Hua Hin also hosts the SO Beach Party, where guests can enjoy a vibrant atmosphere listening to some of Thailand’s hottest DJs.

At SO Sofitel, guests can always be sure that they are in for a luxurious, French experience right here in Thailand!

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Published 27th June 2017