An ambitious undertaking

There is a certain amount of expectation when BMW announces an addition to its concept cars and the M Series. The Bavarians pride themselves on making cars that are a joy to drive, with the M Series being the pinnacle of those efforts. It takes the production series vehicles, removes the stock bits and bobs, slaps on the performance-rated kit and tunes it to perfection.

But if you’re thinking that the M Series is perhaps a touch austere with it being driver-centric, think again.

Enter BMW Individual, which aims to fully customise your already top-end ride. And they don’t come more top-end than the M6 and the all-new X6 M. Here are two examples of why luxury can be fun at around the 300km/hr region.

To begin with, the fine-grain Merino leather that clads the interiors of both cars is more than just creature comfort.

That extra layer of suppleness in the skin makes for a confident steering wheel surface, as well as translating what the asphalt is doing without jarring you senseless. As you turn the purr of the V8 into its full roar of 600hp, you remain well-padded in luxury. With all the gadgets and driver aid switched on, you don’t have to be a Le Manscalibre driver to appreciate the nuances of the vehicle.

These nuances can easily be appreciated via BMW ConnectedDrive – which is perhaps the world’s best when it comes to connecting the car and driver. Beyond an infotainment system, it is a seamless interaction of how you want your car to behave, sound and – in this modern era – stay connected to the world. And yet, you’re sitting on 600hp with M performance parts which is why you should, when the occasion calls, turn off the aids and set the beast loose.

Such is the balance of an M6 that a fullon sideways drift is easily saved by keeping the steering pointed to where you need to go. Even for the X6 M, the idea that an SUV that can bully tight corners into submission is a new concept for many.

Knowing that the car is electronically limited to 250km/hr while looking at the child seat compliance decal is perhaps a conflict of interest. With the new X6 M now being made from carbon fibre and aluminium, there is an added nimbleness about the car now. Both the M6 (grand coupe,coupe and convertible) and the X6 M are exemplars of the racing heritage of BMW that pervade the cars produced by the German marque.

Luxury no longer distracts but adds to the driving experience for BMW.

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Published 24th November 2015