Sasamon Sanguansin

on her projects that uplift the lives of women and Thai society

Among her numerous business and charity initiatives, Sasamon Sanguansin is chairwoman of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global peer-to-peer network of more than 11,000 influential business owners with 150 chapters in 48 countries, as well as executive chairman of Pinklao Honda Cars.

I joined the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in 2010. Membership to this organisation is by invitation only. Approval of membership requires one to pass a screening process with each applicant’s interview circulated to all members. The Thailand chapter is composed of 100 members, all of whom have veto rights.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization has transformed me, little by little, providing me with lots of knowledge. Every time I meet EO members, there is take home value that I adapt to daily life – in my business and with my family.

I am the CEO of my company. All members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization are from top management. I learned how to direct that group, and providing more value in the process. I always ask how I can do more for the group, and for the organisation. An example is when I joined the Nepal chapter, composed of 50 people in the country with influence over 80% of the country’s GDP. These members own hotels, helicopters, so they closed off areas of the base camp, where we had breakfast, along with blessings from monks. Unfortunately, recently the location, a UNESCO site near Mount Everest, experienced an earthquake.

Members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization are leaders and high-powered individuals. In the sense, the event has brought the world to Thailand. It opened up the beauty of Thai culture; its traditions. Prior to this, half of the members had never come to Asia. In some ways, Thailand is well-known for both its good and bad. The event opened the good sides. Our capabilities in terms of transportation, and hosting events of a world magnitude, and showcased our best shopping and best hotels. This alone amounts to billions of baht in revenue.

I set priorities hourly and monthly. Some days I have nine appointments. I work with non-profit organisations, and as a television host with a programme focussing on family travel that promotes Thai tourism and family holidays.

Besides my other projects, I’m currently working with the Zonta International organisation. As president, I’m involved with fund-raising, and lifting the status of women and children. We promote, and create advocacy to stop teen pregnancy, violence against women. I believe in correcting the original causes by teaching children to love themselves; to respect women; and to value the family unit.

I try to step up to help others by giving back to society. I’m lucky to have chances to travel around the world to open my mind. I’d like my country to be more harmonious. If we know our job, our responsibilities, we can create a better society.

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Published 19th June 2016