BMW and Puma create a futuristic pair of sneakers

Fancy Feline Footwear

What happens when Design Works, the creative consultancy arm of automaker BMW, collaborates with sports lifestyle brand Puma? The sleek and shiny X-Cat Disc sneaker, that’s what.

Based on Puma’s Disc range, the new sneakers take inspiration from BMW’s GINA Light Visionary Model concept car. The sleek silver angles and stark, bold finish of GINA gives rise to a pair of shoes that look transported from a gleaming future. The silver stretch fabric that covers the sneakers takes after the metallic material used in GINA, echoing the seamless fabric outer shell stretched over the chassis by eliminating the need for multiple seams. The fabric itself is flexible and supple, fitting to the foot like a second skin, withstanding extremely high or low temperatures without retaining any distension or shrink damage. A rotating disc on the tongue operates internal wires to open and close the shoe, without the need for laces.

The X-Cat Disc Sneakers are now available for purchase on Puma and at selected retailers worldwide.

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Published 19th July 2016