It’s time to hand your Vacheron Constantin timepiece to your child

Mini mechanical mavericks

What was your first memory of haute horology? Many of us would recall marveling at our father’s own collection, a heavily guarded drawer full of mechanical marvels. There were unique timepieces bearing inscriptions, skeleton watches that bore the soul of the brand, and hypnotic tourbillon watches that kept us in a daze.

All of these, of course, were kept under lock and key, away from our chubby little hands that could potentially ruin a piece in seconds. The fact is, most of us started by merely being fascinated by the movements, and only getting up close to the timepieces at a much later stage.

Kids were gifted with a certificate of completion after the workshop

Vacheron Constantin though, challenged the norm where only adults would fully appreciate the art of watchmaking. Earlier in July they held a Junior Watch Aficionado Workshop in its Ion Orchard boutique, indulging a child’s imagination and fascination with a hands-on approach.

There, children between ages four to 12 were treated to a variety of watchmaking activities. The workshop was guided by two of the manufacturer’s watchmakers. Junior enthusiasts toured the boutique watchmaker’s workspace, learnt about the function of mechanical watches and tools used to assemble the timepieces, and viewed parts of various watch movements.

Putting practice into play, the children, with the help of their parents, assembled a mechanical clock, and designed their own Vacheron Constantin timepiece on a bag, both of which they got to keep.

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Published 5th August 2016