Why The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong is the perfect hotel for those with kids

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

All grown up

While checking into a hotel with restless children has always been a dreadful experience for exhausted parents, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong is set to change things. Your little ones can now embark on their own adventure, and feel equally, if not more important when you stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong.

Upon arrival, Ritz Kids — as they’re endearingly called — will be ushered to a separate child-sized counter, where they’ll have their own personal check-in. Each child will be presented with a lion backpack amenity kit, comprising an access-all-restaurants bracelet that allows unlimited access to ice cream, and his/her very own ‘Ritz passport’. The passport comes with a hotel map, guiding the child around hotel grounds to participate in games and collect stamps, which can then be redeemed for gifts upon check out.

The Ritz Kids night safari adventures transforms the living room into an ‘outdoor’ camping experience for your little ones

This initiative is part of the Ritz Kids programme, aimed at instilling the adventure of and love for travel in children at a young age. Unrolled across Asia Pacific, each hotel will curate educational activities aligned with at least one of the four Ritz Kids pillars; water, land, environmental responsibility and culture. Activities will include flower arrangement, clay sculpting, along with culinary and photography classes, guaranteed to keep the junior adventurers entertained throughout.

The new bed-and-bath experience will also leave both kids and adults will in high spirits (though it’ll mostly be a sense of relief for the parents). Cartoons and toys adorn the bathtub, while child-sized amenities including bathrobes, bedroom slippers and safari-themed pajamas will simply be too adorable to pass on. Kids under four will also be given a rubber duck, mini tote, and mini door hangers.

Meanwhile, housekeeping will be providing a special turndown service for those staying in the Grand Harbour Room category (or above). A section of the room gets transformed into a Ritz-Kids Night Safari campsite that comes complete with a tent, compass, lantern, flashlight, drinking bottle, and stuffed lion. Children can view the ‘night sky’ from the comfort of their tents, sip on warm milk and nibble on cookies, while listening to bedtime stories told through audiobooks.

While the Ritz Kids experience is meant for children aged between four to 12, it wouldn’t be surprising to see parents being just as excited at the prospect of going ‘camping’ with their children, bringing family bonding to the next level.

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong
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Published 8th September 2016