Chiming to the Music of Time with Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe's Music of Time

The Sound of Music

For three days in July, a select group of VVIPs were invited to The Heritage Dining on Scotts Road, Singapore to appreciate the art of minute repeaters with Patek Philippe.

Titled Music of Time, the event allowed guests to step into the fascinating world of minute repeaters and learn about its precision, along with the technical aspects needed to make it work.

During the showcase, guests were presented with nine minute repeaters which were specially flown in for the occasion. A representative from Patek Philippe took the opportunity to share some historical knowledge and technical know-how with the guests, shedding light on how the manufacture perfected the art of the complication.

To put their newly-honed skills to the test, each guest received an evaluation grid — the same piece used by Thierry Stern before he gives consent to the delivery of a timepiece — and were told to identify three pre-recorded chimes based on rhythm, volume, duration, tone and harmony. Then came the ultimate evaluation: determining the type of casing based on sounds. Guests were asked to differentiate sounds made in platinum, rose, yellow and white gold casings, a challenged that proved to be tough for many.

The hands-on workshop concluded with a showcase of six finished and functional minute repeaters where guests could hold on their palm, while donning gloves, of course.

Patek Philippe

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Published 10th September 2016
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