Celebrate 100 years of Nikon with the Crystal Creation Nikon Model I

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A hundred years is a pretty long time. From 2017, a hundred years would encompass both World Wars, the moon landings, the creation of the internet and the creation of the device you are reading this article on – computer or smartphone. That 100 years would also be the lifespan of a little Japanese company named Nikon. That’s a long time. So for its centenary, the cameramaker has a whole slew of special editions released – which will hopefully help its bottom line – one of which is not like the others. That is the Crystal Creation Nikon Model I.

Crafted out of crystal by Swarovski, this special edition is a tribute to the camera that pulled Nikon of its post-World War II tailspin. The Nikon Model I was released in 1948 using the best optical technologies available at the time. It quickly became the choice of photographers, turning the company into the powerhouse it is today. The Swarovski crystal edition is an exact replica of the Model I, down to logo, letterings and Nikon seal from 1948. To replicate the leather sections of the camera, some crystals were treated to have a darker hue. And if you even have to ask, no, it’s not a functioning camera as you’d hope for it to be.

It’s a solid chunk of history and perhaps a reminder that Nikon has risen from the ashes before; and it can do so again.



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Published 20th June 2017