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Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant was established in 1980 by Master Chef Nooror Somany Steppe, then a Thai living in Brussels. With an innate passion for Thai cooking, Chef Nooror with the support of her Belgian husband, Mr. Karl Steppe, and other partners opened the first Blue Elephant Restaurant in Brussels, and quickly became one of Europe’s leading Asian restaurants. Today Blue Elephant restaurants serving the best in Royal Thai cuisine can be found throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia, with the flagship restaurant based in Bangkok.

A recipient of numerous awards and with a worldwide reputation for excellence and authenticity, Chef Nooror is the inspiration and central person behind the success of Blue Elephant, consistently working as an ambassador advocating Thai cuisine and Thai culture to all whom she encounters in her travels around the world.

Blue Elephant Cooking School & Restaurant Bangkok, located on Sathorn Road, is elegantly housed in a dazzling century old mansion where you will discover and experience the delightful tastes of Chef Nooror’s cuisine featuring a variety of dishes prepared with ingredients of the highest quality. Most recipes are centuries old, faithfully handed down through generations. Others are new, creative and unique variations on traditional themes, served on visually stunning dishes artistically presented with carved fruits and vegetables all under the close supervision of the culinary Masetro herself.

A prominent landmark in the south of Thailand, Blue Elephant Cooking School & Restaurant Phuket, housed in Governor’s Mansion, a stunning, colonial mansion built in 1910, is a popular venue for weddings and talk-of-the-town parties in addition to a cooking school and restaurant.

Another important entity of the Blue Elephant International Group, is none other than Blue Spice Co., Ltd., its manufacturing arm and trade office. Blue Spice has been developing since 2006 an extensive range of Thai Premium grocery line products from Chef Nooror’s own recipes, for retail and food service, which are now exported to more than 35 countries.

Blue Elephant

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Published 30th June 2017