Tropical Bird Repeater

Some watches tell time, some tell a story

As part of its line of exceptional automaton watches presented since 2012, Jaquet Droz unveils a new model inspired by a tropical landscape.  With a shiny case of either red or white gold in 18k, 47.0 millimeters, the body and joints of the watch have been meticulously engraved by hand. Only a limited number of eight for each metal have been produced.



The most distinctive part of this timepiece is its face, fashioned from mother-of-pearl and hand-drawn by experts with a beautiful scene of a natural forest. At the heart of this Garden of Eden, its water flows eternally in perfect realistic fashion. In the center, a hummingbird hand-carved and hand-engraved by the artists moves towards a shrub of bright orange birds of paradise. A one-of-a-kind animation in watchmaking history, its wings beat up to forty times a second, adding incredible realism to the scene. To the right, a peacock with intense blue feathers veritably opens and closes its tail, while a toucan emerges from the palm leaves at 3 o’clock to open its beak. The dancing flight of three elegant dragonflies, located at 9 o’clock, adds to the magic by day or by night as their tiny wings. In all, seven animations that may exceed twelve seconds allow for up to 120 different scenarios, all the more striking as they contrast with the suspended background of the scene.


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Published 20th August 2018