In time for the Halloween month


Since 2009, Bell & Ross started the wave of the trend for Skull Watches. This year, Bell & Ross is going one step further with a new Skull watch, this time, BR01 LAUGHING SKULL equipped with an automaton movement. It includes a surprise that will make you laugh: the mandible moves and the skull grins back at you! The Bell & Ross Skull family has become an iconic collection and is now approaching its tenth anniversary.



The skull symbol has been used for centuries, particularly by pirates. They consider it a talisman that brings them courage and frightens off their enemies. It is also used by the military, as a constant reminder of their own vulnerability. These professionals often face death in the line of duty and this image appears on their uniforms and aircrafts. The BR 01 Laughing Skull pays tribute to them all.

Bell & Ross is available in Cortina Watch Erawan and Cortina Watch Ladprao



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Published 30th October 2018