The true Khao Yai experience at Boribot Pool Resort

With oversized amenities and full-fledged comfortability

“If I had to describe Boribot Pool Resort Khao Yai in a word, it would be ‘SABA-Chic,’’ says Khun Bam Yanisa Srirungkitsward with a pleasant, ladylike smile.



The elegant, confident heiress goes on to explain the meaning of the peculiar-sounding word. “Sa" comes from “safari," as the luxury boutique resort is situated close to Khao Yai National Park, an area covered with verdant forests and grasslands. “Ba" hails from “Bali"—the resort is known for its sleek, neat design. Finally, “chic" warrants an explanation from the distinctive character of Khun Yanisa’s family.

“We’re a family of travelers. We love visiting places around the world, no matter how out-of-the-way it is. Our travels enables us to discover so many interesting, beautiful artworks, antiques, and accommodations. Years of collecting such treasures turned into the birth of Boribot Pool Resort Khao Yai, as we wanted people to have a taste of our exciting travels. Many of these chic pieces and inspirations now rest at the resort. Hence, the ‘chic.’"



Furthermore, Boribot is highly recommended for luxury travelers as it is the first private pool resort in Khao Yai. Conveniently located right next to the main road, the view from Boribot is the actual Khao Yai National Park, not just some random hills many other accommodations in Khao Yai offer.

“Also, Boribot’s highlight is its spaciousness. Every room here covers at least 200 square meters; you’ve got a private pool, a super high ceiling, and most importantly, an oversized, uber-comfortable, eight-foot bed. Breakfast time, try out our Eggs Boribot, our special twist on ‘Eggs Benedict,’" recommends Khun Yanisa.


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Published 2nd November 2018