BVLGARI, the magnificent Roman jeweler unveiled the new boutique in Iconsiam and presented Fiorever, an entirely new enchanting diamond collection an emblem of the Roman passion for life. BVLGARI Regional Marketing & Communications Director Sze Lin Teo, BVLGARI Commercial Manager Seri Souvanna Phouma, Siam Piwat Senior Executive Vice President for Sales and Business Relations Caroline Murphy, Chanya Sawangchit, Thawin P Seawtong along with celebrities including the friends of BVLGARI Vatanika Patamasingha Na Ayudhya, Sonya Singha, Mew-Nittha Jirayungyurn were among the guests.

BVLGARI is Rome: sunlight, marbles and ancient buildings. A timeless city that will never be out-of-fashion. Everything started in Via dei Condotti in Rome, house of Bulgari since 1905. In 2014, in honor to Bvlgari’s 130th anniversary, the Roman flagship store was entirely transformed and restored. The result is a wonderful architectural concept that embodies pure Roman style. A timeless yet contemporary vision of Rome.

In 2019, Rome meets Bangkok. Following the renovation of the historical Roman flagship, many of the brand’s signature architectural elements have been mirrored and further evolved in the new Iconsiam location along the Chao Praya River. Here the design concept still draws on its Mediterranean origins and Roman traditions while meeting the modern shopping landmark. In a sapient blend of old and new structures, tradition and innovation meets, honoring both the vibrant city life of Bangkok and the warm and relaxed soul of the Eternal City.

The first tribute to the Roman DNA of the brand is the outer façade, developed in partnership with MVRDV Studio. The façade design concept is mainly characterized by the repetition of the iconic shape of the original portals in the original and primary boutique in Via dei Condotti, in Rome. In a geometric yet asymmetric modularity, made of waved brass and colored glass windows, the double storeys façade reproduces the different shades of Roman sun lighting during the day.

Once again, Bvlgari is placing innovation and creativity at the center of its activities, reinterpreting its history according to contemporary architecture and design trends. The partnership between Bulgari internal design team and the Netherland-based architecture studio, started in 2016, leading to a first impactful façade in Kuala Lumpur in early 2018, and now to another brilliant example of an impactful combination of craftsmanship and technology, reinterpreting tradition and history.

The iconic Condotti portal shapes, inspired by Francesco Borromini, the Italian architect of the 17th century, who was a chief formulator of Baroque architectural style, symbolically travel to Bangkok and become the most evident brand signature from the outside. This is the starting point of a journey into the Roman origins of the brand.

 A new bvlgari icon: fiorever

The Magnificent Roman Jeweler Bvlgari presents Fiorever, an entirely new collection of bold diamond jewelry.

A whimsical marriage of the Italian word for flower, fiore, and the English word forever, Fiorever establishes the flower as an official symbol of the magnificent Roman jeweler.

An exaltation of natural beauty in the every day, the flower is a classic jewelry motif, one the Italian Maison has interpreted with unrivaled craftsmanship and bold creativity since 1920. Now Bvlgari immortalizes the four-petal flower, an emblem of the Roman passion for life, in an enchanting diamond creation.

The collection’s signature is a wild bloom with four petals, plucked from Rome’s heritage. The gracious motif decorates many of the vestiges of the Roman Empire: the garden frescos of Villa di Livia, the sculptures of Palazzo Massimo, and the ceiling mosaics of the Santa Costanza Mausoleum, to name a few. Exclusively crafted with bold lines and everlasting diamonds, the new icon is a scintillating celebration of The Eternal City’s timeless beauty, sparkling joy and the irreverent Fiorever woman.

The free-spirited energy of Fiorever shines through the four-petal flower, glittering with the highest quality diamonds (color D-F, clarity IF-VVS). Its center is a precious solitaire from 0.10 to 0.50 carats, and around this immutable heart, the petals of each exquisite flower tilt upward, a display of Bvlgari’s trademark style of design through volume. With this sculptural quality, the bloom comes alive and tempts you to touch it, like an actual, tantalizing flower. But unlike an ephemeral bloom, the Fiorever flower is cast in gemstones renowned for being eternal and thrives perpetually in twenty-four distinctive pieces. Gathered together, they create a dream bouquet of the world’s most precious flowers, each one a jewel to be treasured Fiorever.

Fiorever new collection was inspired by High Jewelry creations introduced in 2017 and which will continue to crown the new diamond jewelry collection.

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Published 12th February 2019