Ballooning Over Bhutan

The Ultimate Travel Company


There are few more spectacular vistas than that of Bhutan’s golden temples, emerald forests and its majestic Phobjikha Valley as seen from the stratospheric confines of a hot air balloon. This ballooning experience is the height of a journey through Bhutan with The Ultimate Travel Company, which passes through the Himalayan kingdom’s almost mythical villages and monasteries, with stops at exclusive retreats including the likes of Uma Paro and Uma Punakha. Guests join Buddhist masters reincarnated as young monks, who offer insight to the country’s religious customs, and visit meditation centres where older monks live sequestered from the rest of the world for the traditional three years, three months and three days. Bhutan’s mountains, like Gangkhar Phensum, are not for climbing (for it angers the deities who live at their summit), so the adventure is in discovering the country’s well-preserved cultural charms.

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Published 7th August 2017