Making Great Debut

With long experiences in furniture industry which has led to success and reputation worldwide, “Alexander & James," a leading British furniture under the management of TCM Corporation Public Company Limited, is ready to open the first flagship store in Asia in the event, “Alexander & James Asia Launch," organized in the heart of Bangkok on Sukhumvit Soi 39.

Delivering British charm by creating an exclusive party, “Alexander & James" invites home decoration lovers to explore furniture in eclectic style, a mix of state-of-the-art aesthetics and classic design, creating unique style with finest materials sourced from around the world including leathers which are 100% natural, selected from Brazilian herds, fabrics from Italy and France and velvet fabrics from William Morris, one of the world’s best brands. Structure and frame which is made from rubber wood is from planted forest in Thailand, one of the world’s best rubber origins. All of these will make home wonderful. In the event, food cooked with sous vide style and mildly sweet champagne are served in mid of homey British ambiance. The event is honoured by “Pimol Srivikorn," Chairman of TCM Corporation Public Company Limited; Mark Alexander Smith, Founder and Designer of Alexander & James, who designs for the way we live; and John M Collinson, Sales Director, Asia-Pacific. They join to share their special and impressive experiences with distinguished guests in the event.

Khun Pimol Srivikorn, Chairman of TCM Corporation Public Company Limited, the manufacturer and distributor of Alexander & James furniture, discloses about the opening of the first Alexander & James flagship store in Asia that, “TCM Corporation is very pleased with the opening of flagship store. We acquired the brand in 2016 as we saw its potential to expand around the world together with its unique identity and the competence of Mark Alexander Smith, founder and creative designer. This flagship store will be a prototype showroom and gallery to showcase new Alexander & James items throughout the year for both Thai and foreign customers to explore its items without travelling to the UK."

“Alexander & James," a leading furniture brand, rooted in Northern British heritage with pride on creating beautifully stylish pieces with unique designs perfectly combined with modern trends to reflect a taste of ultimate living and build a right identity in your own style. All items are like an art piece with every model hand sketched by Mark Alexander Smith to get the balance of form just right and then get to work with his creative team on the final version.

Mark Alexander Smith, Founder and Creative Designer of Alexander & James, discloses about the design concept that, “My work is inspired by the charming aesthetics of British palace, the warmth of country vacation, the beautiful and colourful Moroccan markets and the blend of markets in Paris which are full of fabrics and antique arts and items. All of these elements embrace comfort and softness. I believe the finest design starts from comfortable and convenient function; raw materials which are all natural and can support the body; and the use of distinguishing colours, a British identity which Alexander & James intends to deliver." Alexander & James is a superb design, accessible for everyone, yet stylish with ultimate quality.

Through out-of-the-box design thinking to meet the needs of furniture and home decoration lovers, On-Demand Furniture service is offered for a selection of furniture to fit with their space and favour which will reflect their identity. Enjoy selecting favourite colour and materials to create your own style, the one and only excellent design in the world. Feel the soul of multicultural glory of unique furniture and design your own item at Asia’s first Alexander & James flagship store today on Sukhumvit Soi 39.

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Published 21st February 2019