Andrea Kracht

Andrea Kracht

raising the baur

Kracht offers more than 3,000 wines and spirits at Baur au Lac
Kracht offers more than 3,000 wines and spirits at Baur au Lac.

The sixth-generation owner of Zurich’s iconic

Spain’s Priorat region is one area that has developed into a top winemaking region over the last 20 years. Grapes from that terroir have a certain elegance, delicacy and refinement that Spanish wines don’t usually have.

The wine storage facilities at Baur au Lac are very modern, and are also used by serious wine collectors. Our cellar has the capacity for two million bottles, with constant temperature, humidity levels and a special light that will not affect the wines. We also have a separate section for rare wines.

The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai
The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

I love hotels that have become landmarks in the cities where they are located, such as RSPplAndreaKracht_1

Klausenrennen attracts racers with classic cars from all over the world to participate in the international hill climb in Switzerland

My grandfather used to race Buga
ttis, and he won the RSPplAndreaKracht_3

Art Basel in Zurich

There is a bit of a rivalry between Basel and Zurich
. Basel is usually seen as more open-minded, while Zurich is more conservative. But Zurich is a more important global city because it is a financial centre. We host a lot of people who fly in for

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Published 6th May 2016