Grand Canyon

Country: USA

To appreciate the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, take to the skies. But to truly do so, tour around during sunset, and observe as the canyon’s multi-hued strata come to life. It is impossible to overstate how vast this iconic landmark is, or how quietly powerful the Colorado River and its tributaries are, cutting through the canyon over thousand millennia. A private chopper tour lands you atop a bluff for a champagne picnic, while you bask in the splendour of the Grand Kingdom.

Serenity Helicopters’ Sky Dancer Sunset Tour flies you over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Grand Wash Cliffs on the way to the Grand Canyon. You’ll also get to land on a private landing site, where you may enjoy a champagne picnic lunch. Don’t take too long though, you wouldn’t want to miss the picturesque sunset that awaits.

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Published 22nd April 2016