Iguazu Falls

Countries: Brazil and Argentina

It is said when she flew over Iguazu Falls, Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed, “Poor Niagara!" And rightfully so. Though lesser known, Iguazu is twice as tall as Niagara and three times as wide. Perhaps most outstanding are the 275 cataracts that make up Iguacu – mini waterfalls that are by no accounts insignificant that comprise the entire gargantua. The largest of them all: the U-shaped chasm, Devil’s Throat comprises 14 falls and plunges more than 100m.

The Falls and its surrounding is also home to many varieties of wildlife, including the opossum and great dusky swift. Thankfully, both Argentina and Brazil, whose borders Iguazu straddles, have sought to minimize developments – good news for the exotic and endangered wildlife in the surrounding rainforests.

Departing from Brazil, Blue Parallel offers a two-night tour where you’ll get to experience the Falls from water, land and air. Eco-adventure and rafting tours can also be arranged.

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Published 22nd April 2016