Laikipia Plateau

Country: Kenya

Kenya’s northern territory offers a diverse landscape for the intrepid traveller, and is home to one of the few vestiges of unspoiled wildlife sanctuaries on the African continent. Book a week-long helicopter safari and experience it all: cheetah-spotting on the sacred plains of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, sweeping views of the scrublands and semi-deserts of Hoodoo Valley, taking flight with thousands of flamingos over Lake Logipi, and even trout-fishing atop Mt. Kenya. Comfort is not compromised at the luxurious campsites where you retreat for evening; the lodges will often overlook animal watering holes and amber-hued sunsets.

Ker & Downey offers custom journeys to Laikipia. In particular its Classic Kenya Safari allows you to design your own trail across various conservancies across both land and air.

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Published 22nd April 2016