Tourbillon Mysterieux Azure

Sometimes, it seems all it takes to create a women’s watch is to put together a quartz movement and some diamonds. But that’s definitely not the case for Cartier’s Tourbillon Mysterieux Azure.

At first glance, one may mistake it for a pendant or one of Cartier’s secret watches. But a closer look reveals the rhodiumised steel hands camouflaged against a glittering backdrop of pave-set diamonds and sapphires arranged to subtly resemble butterfly wings. At 12 o’clock is the high complication feature that transforms this creation from a jewellery watch to an exemplary work of art that perfectly combines haute horlogerie and haute joaillerie – the double tourbillon of the calibre 9463MC. Carried between two sapphire crystals, it appears suspended in its little aperture.

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Published 4th May 2016