Celebrate the Festive Season with Dom Papa Rum

If you’re a discerning consumer looking for an alternative to “popping bottles" of champagne to ring in the New Year, consider the sublime pleasure of Dom Papa Rum. Uniquely positioned as one of Asia’s only premiere, small-batch rum distilleries, they offer a line of bespoke ‘sipping rums’ cultivated from sugar cane that is nourished in the rich volcanic soil of the Philippines.

Devoid of artificial sweeteners or flavours, this rum gets it’s signature aroma and taste from heady a combination of “black gold" molasses from Negros Island sugar cane, and 100% natural spices. This is combined with their signature aging process that is defined by using American oak barrels that are “shaved, toasted and roasted". The result is a time tested process of distilling, blending, aging, tasting and creative innovation that delivers some of the most avant-garde aged rums that are currently on the market.

Dom Papa recently launched a brand new limited edition Sevillana Cask Finish rum inspired by the fragrant and luscious Seville oranges of Spain. This concoction is an evocative blend of 5-year-old and 15-year-old rum that is aged in used bourbon barrels for several years before maturing for an additional 3 years in Oloroso Sherry and Orange Wine casks from Spain. This gives birth to a triumphant amber-coloured elixir that deftly balances the vibrant and fruity citrus of Seville orange, dried fruit, and marmalade married with the smoky undertones of vanilla, caramel, and charred oak.

Tailor-made for cocktails, it can also be enjoyed “on the rocks", or “straight up" as you will discover a rum that is complex and multi-sensual with an assertive sense of purpose that beckons you in and keeps your interest peaked at all times. It smells much sweeter than it tastes; and at 40% ABV, it has a substantial kick that hits you right out of the gate before it smooth’s out with a long and alluring finish.

The Don Papa Sevillana is just the latest in a family of ultra-rare rums inspired by the rich multicultural heritage and abundant natural resources of the Philippines. You can also enjoy their original Don Papa Sugerlandia aged for 7-years, the 5-years aged Don Papa Rare Cask, the 5 ½ years aged Don Papa Sherry Cask, the spicy 3-years aged Don Papa Masskara and the iconic dark and smoky Don Papa 10 which is obviously aged for 10 years.

Dom Papa is regarded just as much for what’s inside the bottle as they are for their eye-popping and memorable artwork on the labelling which makes every bottle a collector’s item. Each varietal has its own irreverent style and taste and once you experience their smooth, smoky, and aromatic flavour profiles, you’ll understand why Dom Papa Rum is ideal for celebrating life during the holidays and for any occasion during the year.


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Published 17th December 2019