From restaurants, hotels, toothbrushes, sanitary ware, motorbikes and palaces, Philippe Starck has been astounding the world with his thoughtful and cutting-edge designs. Over the past four decades, the French designer has reinvented the vocabulary of design, developing a language and a nuance uniquely his own. The original boutique hotel designer, Starck has used his individualistic interpretations of colour, material and space in projects from Hong Kong to the urban luxury Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris.

“I’m sure there are many better architects than me. But when I created the YOO concept, it wasn’t about architecture or interior design. It’s something that helps people to have a better life, to help people to blossom, and to help people discover themselves," explains Starck.

Talking about the idea behind YOO, Starck says “Our ultimate objective is to bring good design into homes and make it more accessible. It’s about recognizing differences, It’s a good idea, a strong concept. Now everyone in the world wants this concept; we build homes all over the world."


With his collaboration with John Hitchcox, Starck brought his design aesthetic to residential projects around the globe. These unique creations of exceptional living spaces, totaling 35 stellar developments in 27 countries are all the result of superior design, branding and marketing know-how. The company’s understanding for properties that yield high returns matched by sophisticated aesthetic sensibility is what makes their projects stand out in a saturated market.


Besides the eponymous Starck, who personally injects his visions onto each project YOO undertakes, YOO also partner with world-renowned names such as Marcel Wanders, Jade Jagger, Kelly Hoppen, Sussanne Khan and Steve Leung, all of whom possess exceptional talents and have their own unique signature styles.


YOO’s projects range from single buildings to high density homes, “YOO is a combination of design and development. My background is one of development, where as Philippe’s is from design," says John Hitchcox, YOO’s founder and Chairman.

“The YOO Design Studio is the core of our business," says Hitchcox who credits the team of 20 years for its consistently standout projects. “They have so much experience having worked on international projects with these prolific designers over the past two decades, and now YOO Studio represent the larger proportion of our work. “


He elaborates: “Not only are we providing design, but we are designing with the focus being on time, respecting quality, working to a budget, and understanding the commercialize of these projects. Philippe knows the consumer inside out.“

Starck, believes that the creative directors at YOO complement each other, and have been selected for their talents, their vision and their respect for other people. “YOO is not only you; it’s not only me. It’s all of us, and we combine to make people happy," he explains.

YOO is currently working on a project in Bangkok’s Thong Lo district in what promises to be yet another of the company’s inspiring and exciting developments.


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Published 29th November 2016