Disaphol Chansiri

Disaphol Chansiri

local art makes its mark

As the managing director of DCA Art Consultant, Bangkok-based Disaphol Chansiri advises high-profile corporates and private art collectors in Thailand.

I have enjoyed art since I was very young. 
My family would take me to see temples, such as The Grand Palace, and other places of worship. There, I was fascinated with the murals and the epic stories they depicted. I also enjoyed reading and whenever I went to the library I always looked at the beautiful art books.

My dad encouraged me to go into art advising. In fact, all my close friends and family were very supportive. I have been collecting art for almost 20 years and always used art advisers. I now have a great team who can help others.

My favourite place to see art in Bangkok is at the Fine Arts Museum. I love to see the old Thai masters and the development of Thai artists. Abroad, I like to visit the

Published 6th May 2016

Disaphol Chansiri

Managing director, DCA Art Consultant

Having collected art for over 20 years, it was only natural for Disaphol Chansiri to progress and advise private art collectors in Thailand. In particular, he enjoys collecting Thai antiques, especially those with stories behind their creations.