Why drive a golf cart when you can fly one?

Hit and fly

Three years ago Oakley and Bubba Watson – two-time Masters champion and one of the top five golfers in the world – caused quite a stir within the sport when they introduced a golf cart hovercraft that could travel over fairways, greens, and water and sand traps with equal ease. 

But now the partnership has shifted gears and joined with Martin Aircraft Company to upgrade from merely hovering a few feet off the ground to flying up to a few hundred metres above it. The world’s first flying golf cart jet pack, the BW-Air or Bubba’s Jetpack, allows its passenger to obtain a bird’s eye view of the golf course -quite an advantage when planning a tough shot – while ferrying golf clubs, sand bottles, and all other equipment needed for playing an 18-hole game.

The BW-Air is powered by a 210 hp engine, can climb to a staggering 915 metres and fly at up to 74 kph. Once the jet pack receives FAA approval, golfers at the tech vanguard will be able to get their hands on the golf cart jet pack for a starting price of US$200,000. Proper flight training and certification is required.

Oakley Bubba’s Jetpack

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Published 2nd September 2016