Emporium and EmQuartier launch their Fall/Winter 2019 collections

The Emporium and EmQuartier shopping complexes launched their Fall/Winter 2019 collections with a grand celebration at Emporium Gallery on August 27.

Global trends of this new Winter season 2019 consist of tangible elements in their luxury collections, such as the “Check" and “Tartan" patterns as seen from Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci and Chanel. All four brands experiment with the pattern along with colours and textures.

As a staple print found in every season, the Fall/Winter 2019 collection features a lot of florals in the darker tones as featured in the new collection from Prada. Another unique quality of this year’s Fall/Winter is the use of bright colours, whether it be bright neon colours from the runway of Saint Laurent, or bright red and fuchsia from Valentino’s show. This season also marks the return of the masculine silhouette inspired by the ’80s like shoulder pads and wide shoulder cut, visible in the latest collections from Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler.

Fashion guru and Thailand’s leading stylist, Apiwat Yosprapan (Noom), was at hand at the event to provide fashionistas with advice on the new season, must-have items from leading brands, and ways to mix and match them to your personal style this winter.

“The styling trend of this winter will be multi-layered clothing or colour-blocking similar to last year’s. The must-have items are military-inspired outerwear and small handheld bags. These are the things that will bring colour to Fall/Winter 2019," Noom revealed.

Numerous superstars and well-known celebrities made an appearance at the fashion-week-runway-themed event, giving their own spin on the Fall/Winter 2019 trends.

Kongphob Eursirisub commented that he usually wears something simple, like a shirt and a pair of pants, but “today I have learned about mixing and matching and I realized there are many styles to tackle. I feel more fun dressing up. Even if Thailand’s weather doesn’t get too cold, we can still utilize some winter style to mix and match and successfully achieve the Fall/Winter 2019 look."

Athlete Ploy Pinsaeng explained that most of her preferred fashion styles are “sporty, in tones of black and white, complementing my edgier personality. However, Noom gave me a colourful makeover, a more feminine take but still cool. I really like this style, and I learned more about mix and match techniques from him as well. I will try to follow along to give myself different looks based on my daily moods."

Akararat Wannarat’s go-to fashion choice consists of white, black and navy. After her makeover at the event, she really liked what she saw. “This style gave me a younger look. The season features a lot of bright colours, which can be customized by mixing and matching according to your liking," she said.

Real estate mogul Tanyaluck Prommanee admitted she doesn’t feel like buying new clothes every season. “I decide on items based on how much I like them, and if they compliment me and bring me joy. My style is unpredictable as it depends on what I feel like wearing when I wake up each morning. My closet has all the styles I frequently wear, so I can have seven different styles in a week. Most importantly, the style should tell a story, and your personality should shine with your fashion."



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Published 9th September 2019