Grand Seiko Unveiled “THE FLOW OF TIME" Art Installation in BANGKOK

Grand Seiko, the Japanese luxury watch brand since 1960, as well as one of the very few fully integrated watchmakers in the world, with complete in-house capabilities in every area of watchmaking, led by Mr. Katsumi Kubota, Managing Director and Mr. Kenichi Kito, General Manager of SEIKO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., hosted the opening reception to celebrate the unveiling of “THE FLOW OF TIME" BANGKOK exhibition, presenting an installation that communicates the essence and transience of time for the first time in Thailand, after its grand debut at Milan design week in 2018, dedicated to the Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive movement which was brought to life by two incredibly creative Japanese artists. For this occasion, one of the Japanese artists Mr.Satoshi Yoshiizumi flew in specially to join this event. An exceptional evening was attended by many celebrities such as Dermphan – Melanie Yoovidhya, Chanadda Chirathivat, Onchuma Durongdej, Awika Chaengchenkit, M.L.Kathathong Thongyai, Sayam – Kristina Sethaputra, Jittima Wattanasin, Suree Ratanahirunya, Fa Benedetti, Prawpreya Chumsai Na Ayuthaya, Sorat Amatayakul, Molchaya Techapaibul on Thursday 24th January 2019, at G floor, Central Embassy.

The event was decorated in a concept where luxury blended perfectly with simplicity to reflect exactly the essential characteristics of Grand Seiko. Upon the arrival, top managements were waiting to warmly welcome all distinguished guests. Enjoyed the fascinating story behind the making of this exhibition by Mr.Satoshi Yoshiizumi, guaranteed with the DSA Japan Space Design Award 2018 Gold Award and SDA Award (52nd Japan Sign Design Award) Silver Award, before unveiling the “THE FLOW OF TIME" BANGKOK exhibition for the first time in Thailand.

As the embodiment of Japanese aesthetics and master artisanal techniques, Spring Drive is praised for its unique signature of the perfect glide motion second hand, reflecting the natural and continuous flow of time. The exhibition showcases an installation featuring Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive movement, the company’s unique and innovative mechanism characterized by high precision. Two Japanese artists have teamed up to express the essence of Spring Drive in an installation that invites guests to experience and explore the innovation that Spring Drive represents, consisting of two main elements: Installation “Approach to TIME" by Satoshi Yoshiizumi, TAKT Project and Movie Kizamu / Nagareru by Shingo Abe, as well as impressed by the showcase of collection of Grand Seiko.

"Time flows in transience."

By looking at the smooth movement of the Spring Drive’s second hand, gliding across the dial without a sound, the most obvious fact takes your breath away. Time in nature flows without a "tick" As a result of aiming for the ultimate precision, Spring Drive has reached a new dimension that makes you feel the transience of time, approaching the essence of time.

This is the unique presence in which high precision and an enriching feeling co-exist. The aim is to present this unique world view that Spring Drive has already achieved in this art installation space.

With an enormous visual screen that transforms the transience of time into space as a background, 7 clear objects are lined up neatly. Coming closer and looking through the objects, you can see over 200 watch parts integrated with the constantly moving scenery, creating its own microcosm. The small twinkling spots of light surrounding the parts, demonstrate the existence of small electricity generated by the parts themselves in silence. As you walk along the 7 objects, the parts are formed into a watch movement, and complimented with the moving scenery; they further evoke the visitors’ emotions. The complete watch movement will continue to display time though it is sealed inside the object: this is where the flow of time never ceases to exist.

The creation process of the watch movement and how it is complimented with the moving scenery shows time in transience. This shows the coexistence of high precision and enriched feelings. The combination of the moving scenery and the object that was created by a special method is an enormous spatial device, where you can experience the philosophy of Grand Seiko embodying the essence of time.

The trail of the sun draws an arch in the sky; the history of timepieces began by “ticking" this natural arching “movement" which has always been continuous. Time transformed from what used to “flow" to something that “ticks." Especially, in their pursuit for better performance, mechanical watches demonstrated a higher precision with the “ticking" of time. With a long history since the invention of clocks, Spring Drive was born in Japan. It upgraded the movement of the second hand to be a unique and smooth glide motion and natural, just like a falling raindrop, the sun drawing an arch in the sky, leaves falling to the ground and an orbiting star. Time is returning to its “flowing" movement once again.

When the camera captures nature, there is a method called multiple exposure where you capture an enormous number of moments and install them into one photo. On the other hand, there is a method called long exposures where you trap the whole flow of time into a photograph. The embodiment of nature at the end of the ultimate pursuit of technology: by collaborating the multiple exposure and long exposure, will represent the return to nature approach which was made possible by the ultimate Spring Drive. The contrast between the “ticking time" and “flowing time" will also be shown in this piece.

The clearest movement that fused with “nature" stands out in deep silence. The Spring Drive upgraded what used to be a tool to “know" the time, to a device that makes you “feel" the time. This visual work captures the steps of this evolution.

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Published 31st January 2019