Four innovative suitcases for the jet-setting crowd

These stylish bags do more than just get your belongings from point A to point B. By incorporating innovative technology, they also alleviate the stress of traveling – and they do so in style.

1. Raden

Raden luggage delivers state-of-the-art details to make flying more convenient for today’s busy travellers. Available in numerous colours and sizes, the durable, polished cases feature a top-handle that also serves as a scale to make sure you don’t go over the weight limit, an app for tracking the bag should it get lost, and two built-in USB ports for charging your electronics.


2. Vocier

Inspired by Formula 1 racing engines, Vocier’s sleek and stylishly simple bags are known for their contoured interior that keeps clothes wrinkle free. Pressure and tight corners are what cause wrinkles, and Vocier’s patented protective sleeve gently curves around the interior of the compact bag, eliminating both factors and optimising packing space. A lightweight foam hanger built directly into the bag also allows you to hang your suits within the suitcase, further maximizing interior space. And a specially designed handle features two hooks that serve as a valet stand for your jacket.


3. Louis Vuitton & Marc Newson Horizon

The collaboration “Horizon" by Louis Vuitton & Marc Newson has modernized the classic trunk with this colourful new collection. Available in everything from yellow to fuchsia to orange (as well as Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram), the hard-shell suitcases from the Australian-born designer Marc Newson are as bold as they are functional. Lightweight aluminium hardware and four wheels make for smooth gliding, and separate interior compartments are designated for shoes, accessories, and a garment cover.

Louis Vuitton

4. Rimowa

Initially designed for travel within the tropics specifically, Rimowa’s grooved hard-shell cases (made from aluminium magnesium or polycarbonate) are some of the lightest and sturdiest on the market. And now its Electronic Tag collection is the first fully integrated digital suitcase. Instead of the traditional paper labels attached to check-in luggage, each bag features a digital screen that allows jet-setters to check in their bags from their smartphone, whether from the comfort of their home or in route to the airport. Once at the terminal, all travellers need to do is drop the bag at the airline counter.


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Published 26th September 2016