Twixt Time

By Cold Flower

This app is the new, improved version of the widely popular Kello, which monitored the accuracy of mechanical watches over time by compiling data on the frequency of the watch’s ticking. Unfortunately, the app relied on the iPhone’s microphone to amplify the sound; it didn’t always give the most accurate audio transmissions, so readings often suffered.

Twixt Time solves this problem by using the phone’s camera instead of the microphone. The user takes a photo of his watch and Twixt will note the precise moment the photo was captured using Network Time Protocol servers. By submitting a photo every 24 hours at the same time, users can use Twixt to measure the accuracy drift of their watches.

The app has been designed to work with any watch with an analogue display, including GMTs, chronographs and even quartz timepieces. Twixt also allows the tracking of multiple timepieces. Its latest version has a share option so users can brag about how accurate their watches are on social media.

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Published 28th July 2016