By Kevin Rose, entrepreneur and watch collector

Started by a horology enthusiast, this app compiles news and updates from watch blogs and websites onto one platform for easy access. It was created by Kevin Rose, who is by day, an Internet entrepreneur and by night, a watch collector. The selection of available sites has been curated and vetted by Rose, who is a faithful follower of many of them. Out of these options, users of the app may select the ones they want to appear on their feed.

On top of the newsfeed, Watchville has a clock and calendar function. The first displays ultra-accurate time that is an average taken from servers around the world that compile data from atomic clocks. The second is a full calendar complete with a moon phase indicator to help those who own timepieces with calendar complications set their watches. Besides indicating the time nearest to the next appearance of the new or full moon, it also has a countdown timer that is accurate to one out of 100th of a second.

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Published 28th July 2016