Durian cheesecake. Just thinking about it can make your mouth water. This delicious combination is made by Ivan Factory. Having grown up in a durian farming family, the founders have spent all their lives around Durian and experiencing the wonders of this delicious fruit from all parts of the World.

With this lifetime of knowledge they have selected the ‘Thai Monthong’ Durian as the key ingredient in making their delicious Cheesecake’s. By allowing the fruit to reach its full maturity, you will taste the natural creaminess and sweetness of the Durian. All their Durian’s have been carefully hand-picked and delivered to Thai Airways First Class Catering facility under the highest standards and controls to preserve the quality of the Durian, giving a constantly rich and full flavored excellence in the Durian Cheesecake all year round.

Eating it was like taking a journey, a heartwarming experience that kept on getting better thru time. Experiencing the rich textures, the creaminess and the light crunch of the durian bits was simply delightful” – Customer 

For those who love fine foods & desserts, you will enjoy this Cheesecake. Simply allow it to rest for 20 minutes at room temperature and get ready to indulge yourself in this flavorsome experience.

This gourmet durian cheesecake is assured the quality guarantee from its awarding winning “Premium Product of Bangkok Brand 2020 Award” and the department of catering of Thai Airways International. It is now available in major retailer stores in Thailand, Hong Kong, China and soon in EU.

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Tel: +6680-999-0456
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Published 2nd June 2021