Montblanc’s Golden Elixir Ink Creates Gilded Words

Glittering Letters

In the small transparent flacon, the small cache of ink looks blood red. Writing with it on black paper may prove tricky, but once it dries, the magic reveals itself as the ink turns into letters and words of pure shimmering gold. Because suspended in Montblanc’s Golden Elixir ink are particles of pure, 24-carat gold, which reveal themselves only when the time is right.

Limited to a hundred pieces worldwide, the Golden Elixir is accompanied by a handcrafted notebook of jet black paper, bound within soft calfskin leather and imprinted with a 22-carat gold leaf ‘G’ monogram. An homage to the medieval art of book illumination, where important manuscripts were given radiance with gold, the Golden Elixir collection is a tribute to the beauty, and value, of words.


The Montblanc Elixir Collection is priced at US$4,430, and is available only in selected Montblanc boutiques worldwide.


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Published 6th July 2016