Golden Indulgence

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Beluga caviar was originally sourced in the Caspian Sea. The largest grain and most delicate in flavor of all sturgeon eggs, Beluga caviar tastes somewhat like the ocean and is infused with buttery overtones. Its colour ranges from medium to dark brown with a golden clear finish.

Huso dauricus (kaluga sturgeon) of the sturgeon family is a large freshwater fish living in Amur River and as the special product of Russia and north east China; this fish is one of the only two kinds of the Huso Genus.

With platinum, dark grey, silver or black-hued large eggs, beluga caviar has a subtle, nutty taste and a light flavour. Considered the most decadent of caviar varieties, golden beluga caviar may be savoured  with champagne; dry white wines like riesling, chablis and chardonnay; and vodka.

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Published 23rd March 2016