Taking Off On Culinary Discoveries With Four Seasons

Around the world on plane and plate

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is taking flight next year with its Culinary Discoveries itinerary onboard the Four Seasons Private Jet. Curated and developed in partnership of Chef René Redzepi, with Copenhagen’s Noma, the three-week journey will take guests across the world to explore the people and places of the world’s most exciting culinary destinations.

From the vibrant tradition of Chiang Mai, the glorious history of Florence, the pulsating energy of Tokyo and the grandeur of Paris, the journey offers guests a chance to delve deeper in the food capitals that continue to shape the tastes and flavours of the world. More than mere meals are on offer; travellers will venture beyond the tables of the world’s best restaurants and private kitchens into the streets and sights of the cities, visiting markets and farms in the company of local chefs. All while residing in the legendary comfort of Four Seasons hotels and resorts.

The journey begins in Seoul, before venturing to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, Mumbai, Florence, Lisbon, Copenhagen and ending in Paris. The itinerary runs from May 27-June 14, 2017, priced at US$135,000 (RM550,000) based on double occupancy.

Four Seasons Culinary Discoveries

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Published 24th June 2016