Four reasons to love Illulian’s Kalediscopic Bahia rugs


Scenes from the rainforest

Life in the Amazon is indeed as colourful as one can imagine. Striking hues of flora in lilac, heather, magenta, caramel and turqoise sit on a bed of dewy bush plants, while the snaking river acts as the river of life. That, coupled with exotic fauna scattered throughout.

Luxury Italian carpet brand, Illulian, has taken the vivid hues and translated them into hand-woven rugs. The latest collection, Bahia, paints a deconstructed kalediscopic image of flora found in the Amazon.

Step into (or in this case, on) the tropical rainforests of Brazil, with each of the pieces in the collection. Bahia rugs use a mix of wool and silk to maintain plumpness, texture and shape, and each rug can be fully customised (in terms of size) to suit the owner’s needs.

Four colours are available, simple named Ver. A to Ver. D. Material wise, two rug options are available, Gold 100 and Platinum 120. The former features a density of 86,000 knots/sqm, while the latter uses Illulian’s most luxurious material wool and silk to create a highly dense rug that is made up of 180,000 knots/sqm.

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Published 27th July 2016