Jeweller Nadia Morgenthaler Finally Branches Out On Her own

A elegant debut

After more than 20 years creating extravagant pieces for prestigious jewellery houses, Nadia Morgenthaler is making a name for herself. Several years ago, the Swiss jeweller started producing her own designs, and they are available now at her namesake Geneva atelier and salon.

As both designer and craftsperson, she is capable of bringing a piece from initial concept to final creation, which is particularly useful, she says, when making complex chandelier earrings. “Earrings must be mobile, not static," notes Morgenthaler. “When they brush against a woman’s neck, it should have a sensual feeling." Her pieces typically feature dainty natural pearls, as seen on the earrings and rings (prices upon request). “I gravitate to natural pearls because they are formed without the intervention of man," she says, “and they are soft, round, and pretty." This elegant style is fast becoming her signature.

Nadia Morgenthaler

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Published 23rd August 2016