KHUN by YOO A Warm Welcome to KHUN – Nice to meet YOO

luxurious designs that offer convenience and comfort to reflect the lives of stylish urban elites

In the midst of Thong Lor, a neighborhood of stylish businesspeople and creativity-filled new generationers, there is a building with a very peculiar shape that has just popped up on Thong Lor 12. The building is designed to be used as a material exhibition, and the atmosphere is that of a museum housing top-notch artwork. The sales gallery lets visitors experience the extravagance of KHUN by YOO, a project inspired by Starck, featuring the best of modern accommodation and convenience from Sansiri. This project is catered to the busy lifestyles of businesspeople that invest a lot of time at work and want total relaxation after a hard day’s work.

The first step after entering glass doors shows a comfortably stylish, airy space, a welcome contrast from the outside heat. Next, the décor of the welcome zone showcases the genius of a world-class designer such as Philippe Starck, from the area’s curved shape to walls designed to look like curtain strips to tables made of both wood and marble. Oversized furniture, a special characteristic of Starck, is also present, such as the Lou Red Chair from Driadea and the luxurious Dhamar chandelier from Barovier & Toso, one of the oldest chandelier brands in the world.

A curved staircase reveals the second floor of the sales gallery, stunning with its picture of a very big city. An imitation of KHUN by YOO inspired by Starck lets visitors see the condominium’s details more clearly, with its 27 floors and 148 lavish private rooms. The top floor is used for recreational purposes, with a swimming pool that opens to a panoramic view of the city and a convenient, modern exercise zone.

Realistic imitations of the 2BR rooms and its kitchens are also shown on this floor. Every detail is meticulously included, from wooden trays to spaces for keeping things to adaptable accessories to built-in kitchen appliances. All of these appliances were specially selected for businesspeople who prize convenience. The bathroom is shown in a glass room, featuring beautiful accessories developed especially for the project.

Most importantly, the project offers maximum security, with a computer screen attached to the wall so that residents can review all visitors using state-of-the-art technology that is still user-friendly enough to be controlled even when out and about.

Ultimately, the sales gallery reflects just a small vestige of the deluxe modernity of the KHUN by YOO inspired by Starck project. For businesspeople whose time is of the essence, the project is one that provides satisfying relaxation after a full day at work. At KHUN by YOO, residents will be able to refresh their energy for a new day at work, every day. On weekends, residents can also organize small gatherings among friends.

Residents of KHUN by YOO inspired by Starck will find that the project offers the best of luxury condominiums, whether in terms of location, style, or modernity.


25-26 February 2017

10am onwards.

At Quartier Gallery, M Fl., The EmQuartier.


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Published 6th February 2017