Louis Vuitton International High Watch Event 2019

Special Feature 

By Ukrit Vanagosoom

I have been following Louis Vuitton watchmaking since the acquisition of La Fabrique du Temps in 2011. With the potential of La Fabrique du Temps this can be perceived as the dawn of Louis Vuitton premium watch creations and its in-house mechanisms. This have thus given me opportunities to experience and participate in its production lines whilst witnessing the launch of Louis Vuitton collection between 17 – 18 January 2019 at Geneva, Switzerland; and “Louis Vuitton International High Watch Event 2019” in Courchevel, France.

After the flight from Thailand to Geneva on January 17, 2019, I have been greeted by Louis Vuitton team with warm welcome. After that I have an honour to visit La Fabrique du Temps factory and its production lines that produces the mechanism for Louis Vuitton’s watches. After the visit, I traveled across the border to Courchevel in France and had the courtesy to stay in K2 Palace Hotel located in Courchevel 1850, an 8-year-old hotel with 5-star services. During dinner I have the opportunity to have discussions and news update in relation watch industry with foreign medias whose also attended this event.

On the second day, I started the day with an interview with Mr. Michel Navas, a watch designer and the person behind the success of Louis Vuitton, I asked the question: “What message should I give to watch collectors about Louis Vuitton watches?”; in which Mr. Navas then replied:

Many people may not realised this but we have the potential of both design, research and production and many talented individuals creating watches from passion and inspirations. And most importantly, Louis Vuitton gives us the tendency and freedom in producing ideas freely.”

Although, the interview with Mr. Navas was only 15 minutes I on the other hand have gained many valuable knowledges about the production lines and the challenges in raising the spotlight of Louis Vuitton watches with unique sense of identities and fashion. Furthermore, I also have the opportunity to witness the 2019 collection which consists of:

  1. Voyager Répétition minutes Tourbillon: A combination of tourbillon and a minute repeater mechanism inside the Voyager case, including dial produces from a sapphire which show the watch mechanism clearly. And the most striking feature is the V-shaped tourbillon mechanism at the 4 o’clock position.
  2. Tambour Spin Time Air: A celebration of 10th year anniversary of spin time mechanism with unique tambour style with a unique spin time mechanism. The word Air is a word that describes a set of mechanisms as if floating in the air by using sapphires instead of metal dials material.

By participating in the Louis Vuitton International High Watch Event 2019, the experience has made me realised Louis Vuitton’s ability to deliver great results in all aspects especially its in-house mechanism, which many brands in the market do not have enough that potential to do so at the moment. This have thus allowing me to see bright futures for Louis Vuitton ahead.



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Published 11th April 2019