New In: Recipes from Como Shambhala’s resorts and spas

Como Shambhala

Soul Food

At all of Como Shambhala’s resorts, you can be assured of a restful, recharging experience with tailored spa programmes and exercise routines. You can also be assured of a fabulous eating experience, with a menu that prizes seasonable, sustainable, healthy and above all, delicious cuisine that features local produce where possible.

Now, you can recreate the Como Shambhala eating experience right in your own kitchen with its new cookbook. Over a decade in the making, it features 147 dishes from Como Shambhala’s award-winning properties around the world, with recipes featuring such unique local ingredients as jicama (a root vegetable with Mexican origins) and yak.

Como Shambhala presents a guide to healthy eating and living

The recipe book is organised in the traditional way (starters, mains, desserts, sauces, etc.), but interestingly, also has a handy index categorising the recipes by their key nutritional benefits, such as antioxidant-rich, immune system-boosting or vitamin-rich.

Como Shambhala

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Published 6th September 2016