A tattoo retreat at The Siam Hotel, Bangkok

This package is no longer available

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    A Sak Yant is a sanctified symbol believed to have magical powers that can ward off evil, protect the bearer and bring good fortune. It is created not with a tattoo gun but by piercing the skin repeatedly using a khem sak, which is a long metal spike.

    Tattoo aficionados can now get inked by an arjan, or tattoo master, in the comforts of The Siam Hotel, Bangkok’s Opium Spa as part of a luxurious three-day getaway package. The Sak Yant will be administered by Arjan Boo, a former monk who has gained critical acclaim with his ability to create highly refined and detailed tattoos. The experience comes to an end after a scenic road trip to the famous Wat Bangpra where an abbot completes the ritual by blessing the tattoo to ‘activate’ its powers.

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"One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art."

Oscar Wilde