Dessert Tasting Menus, Hotel Café Royal

From £40 (with wine pairing)
  • London’s first dessert restaurant at The Café at Hotel Café Royal is the brainchild of Executive Pastry Chef, Sarah Barber. The dessert restaurant features a selection of themed tasting experiences, all served with optional wine pairing. The perfect choice to conclude a dinner or to celebrate a special occasion, each tasting experience includes a range of savoury bites to prepare the palate for the sweet journey ahead. The menus, including ‘Sarah in Wonderland’ and ‘Childhood Memories’  highlight Sarah’s creative skill and imagination, as well as her contemporary, playful style, have been inspired by her childhood memories, and her grandfather, a previous Head Chef at Café Royal.

    Hotel Café Royal
    68 Regent Street, London W1B 4DY
    United Kingdom
    + 44 (0)20 7406 3310

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