Mongolia Private Jet Adventure

From US$2,180 per person per day
  • Uncover the scenic treasures of Mongolia with this week-long tour. You’ll begin your adventure in the capital of Ulaanbaatar and travel by private charter flight to remote areas of the country. Head to the East Gobi Desert and spend a few days in Ikh Nart, a nature reserve bursting with exotic wildlife and pristine landscapes. Here, you will have the chance to see the famous Argali sheep and the long-horned Siberian ibex. You will also meet friendly local herders and experience traditional Mongolian life by staying in comfortable ger camps, accommodation still used to this day by nomadic people. After, you’ll fly to the gorgeous Khan Khentii wildlife preserve, a region bursting with lush pastureland, beautiful flowers and wildlife. Here, you’ll venture into untouched wilderness and set your own journey pace by choosing to explore by foot, raft or on horseback.

    • Wilflife spotting at Ikh Nart
    • Horseback riding through the majestic Hentii Mountains
    • Interacting with local herders and learning about Mongolian life and culture
    • Experiencing traditional life and the great outdoors by staying in accommodating ger camps

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