Papua New Guinea by private aircraft

From US$3,320 per day
  • Discover the fascinating and mysterious country of Papua New Guinea with this exhilarating 10-day tour. Fly to each exciting destination on your own private jet and beat the hassle of commercial flights. You’ll start the journey of a lifetime by flying to Mt Hagen and visiting the traditional village of Polga. Here, you’ll see a captivating mudmen performance and learn about traditional culture and history. Next, you’ll head to the breathtaking Upper Sepik region and embark on a canoeing adventure tour through remote villages and winding rivers. After, you’ll end the unforgettable tour in Bensbach, a unique region comprising of pristine grasslands and wetlands bursting with exotic wildlife.

    • Mudmen performance in the traditional village of Polga
    • Paddling through winding rivers and visit remote villages by canoe in the Upper Sepik region
    • Visiting the famous Huli Wigmen tribe and learn to make your own elaborate wig
    • Trekking through untouched grasslands and wetlands in Bensbach and admire rare wildlife

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