Private Jet Journey through Southeast Asia

From US$18,091 per person
  • Cut the queues and get to your destination faster when you travel with your very own private jet. Indulge during three weeks as you jet from one fascinating destination to another and set up your home temporarily in exclusive properties across South East Asia.

    Start off your journey in Thailand where you will meet the country’s most sacred animal, the elephant. From there hop onto the Aqua Mekong and cruise this mysterious river during a week, starting from Saigon and arriving in Siem Reap. Once in Siem Reap, prepare to marvel at the beauty of Angkor Wat. Then unwind on the beaches of Cambodia and discover The Philippine’s astounding underwater world.

    Learn to be an elephant mahout
    Cruise the waterways of the Mekong River
    Explore Angkor Wat
    Relax on a private island in the Philippines

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