Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok’s Mid-autumn Festival Mooncakes

From THB738
  • Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok presents a selection of legendary mooncakes, including two new exciting flavours in vibrant packaging for the 2016 Mid-autumn Festival, available for sale at Shang Palace from 1 August to 19 September 2016.

    This year’s two new mini mooncake flavours are cookies and cream macadamia and almond black sesame. These creamy creations with a divine combination of the subtle aroma from nuts, cookies and quality ingredients in a tender snow skin are set in a gorgeous gift set of six pieces.

    Apart from the new flavours, a selection of four traditional freshly baked varieties with single egg yolk includes the best-selling durian and mixed fruits and nuts, and lotus seed and red bean.  Guests who prefer a mini golden-baked mooncake can opt for the cream custard flavour.

    Shang Palace’s time-honoured mooncakes are available in an elegant gift set of four, six or eight pieces at prices ranging from THB738 to THB2,188 baht per set. The four-piece Double Happiness Set, the eight-piece Blissful Set and the premium high nutritional value and exquisite flavour cream custard and bird’s nest snow skin mini mooncake set make for perfect gifts. The Limited Edition Set, priced at 3,188 baht, contains eight pieces of mixed fruits and nuts, durian, lotus seeds and red bean.


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