Storytelling experience at Silks Place Taroko

This passport is no longer available

  • 2D1N Taroko Getaway package with breakfast and dinner

    From NT3,999 + 10% per person
    Valid on weekdays, with a minimum of two people

    Explore local trails with private guides to offer stories from traces of stones, colours of the waterfall, plants and footprints of animals around and even of stone carvings from a century ago. Trails include Baiyang trail, Lushui trail and Zhuilu Old Road. Explore hidden historical sites from the era of Japanese occupancy that reveals traces of war weapons transportation.

    Additional surcharges per night
    Peak day: NT600 + 10%
    High day: NT1,600 + 10%
    Weekend: NT2,000 + 10%
    Holiday Weekend NT2,600 + 10%
    The package cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

    Book by 19 June 2016

    Silks Place Taroko
    No.18 Tian Hsyang Road, Shioulin Town
    Taroko National Park, Hualien 972
    Tel: +886 3 869 1155

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